Brendan “net buster” Blaney netted two in midweek to reduce the gap at the top to four goals. However, with Brendan and Paddy having only one match remaining can Brendan overhaul him? It will take five goals with none in response from Paddy.

It’s looking like Paddy has held on, but we’re not calling it yet, not until Brendan’s last match.

Conaill has one or two games left too, but with a gap of nine separating him from Paddy - is the young pretender’s challenge over for this season?

Only Conaill can answer that one.

Paddy McGeown, U17 Star – 33 goals. There’s four in it ......... four could be enough with only one game left.

Brendan Blaney, U16 – now on 29. In sensational form as the season reaches a crescendo ....... but is the gap of four too much with only one game left?

Fionn McCann of 11 Star, sits in third place with 25 goals.

Fionn McCann, U11 – 3rd. It's going to be a cracking competition next year.

Conaill Taggart has one or two games left. He lead for many months and since falling behind Paddy was his main challenger for so, so long. Can he produce a magical nine goals to draw level with Paddy.

It’s a big ask ..... but he’s a big scorer.

Conaill Taggart, U11 – 24 goals. He has run Paddy close all year, can he produce the fairy tale finish? If anyone can, the Tagg can.

Fifth spot in a very competitive year belongs, so far, to Conall Breen of the 13s. He has nineteen goals in the bank this year.

Conall Breen, U13 –5th on 19. Remember the name for next year.

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