The club ran it’s FIFA 19 tournament at the YMCA on Saturday. Attracting almost seventy children from eight to fourteen, it was a great success and very enjoyable, by the looks of things.

There were several rounds of matches, tense knockouts, nerve racking penalty shoot outs,

large crowds who enjoyed ... and endured the thrills, spills and emotions of the competitions.

There was also less digitally complex football fun for the odd break away from the consoles and screens.

And a reminder of how we got our footballing thrills back in the day ..... way, way back in the day!

Ah! Those were the days!

On a serious note, a big thanks to Neil Donaldson, of course, who organised the whole thing – who else? To Maurice Delaney, Paula Newton and Shauna Hegarty and the other Aquinas coaches who helped marshall everything.

A massive thanks also to Barry Kilmartin of CityGolf, the man with the microphone .. and the power leads ... and consoles ... and screens and the savvy and know how to allow us to be able to run the event. Thanks, Barry.

We’ll be putting galleries of photos on the site about the day. Hope you enjoy them!

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