Golden Boot


Paddy McGeown didn’t have a game this weekend, but he is still at the top of the table with his twenty one goals. Conaill Taggart and the 11s returned to action this week. Conaill, true to form, bagged two to let Paddy know that he’s back, he’s firing and he’s on his tail, with sixteen goals!

Paddy McGeown, U17 Star – still 1st, staying


Conaill Taggart, U11 – in

2nd place. On the trail of the


Let’s not forget that Paddy and Conaill are not the only ones who would like the Golden Boot. Brendan Blaney of 16 Star scored another two this week to leap frog into third place, only one goal behind Conaill. He sits on fifteen.

Brendan Blaney, U16 – 3rd on 15. He

has snuck up very quietly on Paddy and

Conaill, but he’s there.

It’s very tight from second to fourth, only one goal between each position. Fourth spot is claimed by Joseph Mellon, with fourteen goals.

Joe Mellon, U13 – Joe’s in 4th and has

no intention of easing up.

Two goals behind Joe comes another two under 13s, Conall Breen and Ryan Creaney. They complete the under 13 challenge in the top five. They sit on twelve goals, alongside the current holder of the Boot, 15 Star’s Conor George.

Conor George, U15 – 5th on 12. Will he

come good in the latter half of the year

and retain the Boot?

Ryan Creaney, U13 – could he win

the boot in his first year with the


Conall Breen, U13 – also in joint 5th,

also with twelve goals. Another

newcomer hoping to be a first year

Boot winner.

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