Conaill Taggart of the 11s still leads as we approach Hallow’een, but if he thought it was going to be a stroll, he didn’t reckon on Paddy on a roll! Paddy McGeown’s six goals in his last two games mean he has closed the gap at the top to three.

Conaill sits on an impressive 14 goals, with Paddy breathing down his neck on 11. I think these two are going to dual all the way to the end.

Conaill Taggart, U11 – still confident, bring

it on

Paddy McGeown, U17 – fancies his chances this


Mind you, let’s not forget the other Conall, Conall Breen of the 13s. He’s just behind Paddy on nine goals.

Conall Breen, U13 – scoring freely, so far.

Another under 13 who knows where the net is and how to put the ball into it is Joseph “King of the Cage” Mellon. He sits in fourth spot with seven goals to show so far.

Joseph Mellon, U13 – looking very laid back,

there. Can the King of the Cage walk off with

the Golden Boot?

In fifth place we have two players. Guess what? One is another under 13, John Connor. He shares five goals with oldie, Sean Boyle, of the 18s.

John Connor, U13 – is he a good outside


Sean Boyle, U18 – having his best start

to a season yet. Will it end with the Boot?

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