The Players’ player is picked by their peers, who vote for the teammate who made the greatest contribution throughout the season.

The Players’ Players were:

Under 12: Ronan Hamill and Peter Mulgrew.

Under 13: Liam Gibson and Callum Gavan. Hope you managed to stay warm, guys!

Under 14: James Kilpatrick and James Gorman.

Under 15: Brendan Blaney and Paul Carty (collected for him).

Under 16: Fergus Donnelly

Under 17: Stephen McVeigh … looking remarkably like Ciaran Giffen. If you think that’s bad Stephen, wait to you see the next one..

and Conor O’Hagan who, let’s face it, has had a hard oul year!!!

Under 18: James Mellon … well, it had been a full five minutes since he won something!

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