With so many fixtures falling foul of the weather this week and last, we’re delighted just to have anything to report to you this week at all.

Both 14s had good wins. 14 Aquinas today, 14 Star last week. The 15s recorded two wins since the new year … in the league, I mean. I wasn’t counting their Supplementary Cup final win on New Year’s day.

16 Star lost 2 – 0 last week, but won 2 – 0 this week. That’s the way the cookie crumbles, sometimes but, as they lads found out this week …. winnings more fun!

The 17s had to make do with a share of the points after leading against Willowbank for so long. Deserving the win, after Liam Donaldson scored his one goal of the season – I’d love to say it was a classic but, hey, the boots were great, bright yellow – they succombed to a cracker goal from twenty five yards out that three keepers and a pull down shutter couldn’t have kept out.

In the afternoon, the Firsts won 4 – 1 in the Cochrane Cup while the Seconds shared the points in the league at Rathmore.

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